Our Services

Services Offered

All prices are determined on an individual vehicle basis. Before any services are rendered we will perform a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your car with you to determine your needs. The prices listed are typical for a normal vehicle with normal interior and exterior wear and deterioration. SUV’s and Oversized vehicles (Hummer, Expedition) will incur additional charges.  Prices DO NOT include tax, minimum $150 for mobile service.

Express Detail (Allow 1-2 hours for completion)

For the customer with a new or well-maintained vehicle that is looking for a good cleaning and long lasting protection for their car, truck, or SUV.  Vehicles over 5 years old are not eligible for our Express Detail, unless they have previously received our Full Detail.

Interior Detail (allow 2-4 hours for completion)

*Typical pricing $150-$200 +tax depending on size and condition of vehicle

  • Vacuum interior and trunk
  • Wipe down all interior surfaces
  • Clean console, cup holders, and instrument panel
  • Steam clean all crevices
  • Steam clean all carpet, fabric, leather, and vinyl surfaces
  • Stain treatment and removal
  • Floor mats stain treated and steam cleaned
  • Clean interior of windows
  • Apply protectant to leather, vinyl and plastic

Exterior Detail (allow 2-4 hours for completion)

*Typical pricing $100-$200 +tax depending on size and condition of vehicle

  • Hand wash and dry exterior
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Clean wheels, tires and fender wells
  • Bonded contaminant removal (claybar process)
  • Clean door jams
  • Clean and dress tires
  • Clean and protect exterior trim
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Permanon sealant applied by hand to exterior (6-12 months of protection)

Full-detail (allow 4-8 hours for completion)

*Typical pricing $250-$400 +tax depending on size and condition of vehicle

  • Includes all services listed under interior and exterior details

Paint Correction and Extra services

  • Engine detailing: Degreasing, steam cleaning, and dressing of the engine
  • Odor Removal: Ozone generator after interior detail
  • Leather treatment: Leatherique Pristine Clean and Rejuvenator Oil applied to all leather surfaces
  • Ceramic Paint Coating: Years of protection provided for your paint by GTechniq or Inspiration
  • Paint correction: Performed in conjunction with our exterior or full-detail. This process involves extensive machine polishing/compounding and possibly wet sanding to take your cars paint to a level near perfection. Please call to schedule an estimate.
  • RestorFX: the newest and best way to revive your paint, this process can make old or challenged paint look great again without any machine polishing.